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Edmond Greville Biography

Edmond Gréville (Thonger) was born in Nice on 20 June 1906, the adopted son of Anglo-French parents, a schoolteacher and a former Salvation Army Protestant evangelist. (see family tree)

Since family genetic testing in 2016 -2017 with revealed that Edmond was Ashkenazim Jewish, speculation among his daughter and grandson, is that Edmond's own parents may have fled the 1905 Jewish pogrom in Odessa and found their way to Marseilles and then the hospital in Nice. His adopted father was assisting with a Salvation Army ministry. Edmond must have been adopted there, although no records exist. It's quite possible from his later life, that he may have known he was Jewish (fleeing the German occupation) but kept it a secret from his wife and family until the genetic testing revealed the truth in 2017.

Initially Edmond worked in France as a film journalist and critic. His first studio experience came in England in 1928 when he worked as an assistant on Piccadilly for E. A…

The Films of Edmond Greville

I've discovered much useful information on my grandfather Edmond Greville(aka Max Montagut) at this extremely informative French website.

Both Edmond Greville and Vanda Wangen were photographed by Eli Lotar and a link to his gallery is here.

Howard Hughes and Vanda Greville